Financial Consulting

Don't be scared of the numbers. With a bit of help, you can figure out whether your business activities and programs are paying for themselves, and make better decisions about how to balance your organization's wants and needs. We'll look at the costs of different things and decide together how much to charge your customers and community


Sometimes running your project doesn't leave too much time over for categorizing what you're spending on what. If you need a hand, we're around! Income, expenses, reconciliations - we know what these things are supposed to look like for arts orgs, non-profits or whatever it is you call yourself. 

Business Strategy

No one can see the future, but there are some handy tricks out there for making an educated guess. We use everyday information to figure out what could be coming down the pipeline. Once you know what might happen, you can start to get smart about what you're doing right now.

Social Media & Marketing

Does anyone know you exist? How do you let people in on all the cool stuff you're doing? We'll work with you to put together and execute a plan for cutting through the noise and getting your project out there in the world.